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Open Thread - Game 99: Mets vs. Pirates (07/24/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Maine Snell
ERA 3.07 3.31
FIP 4.05 3.98
K/9 7.55 7.26
BB/9 3.37 2.54
K/BB 2.24 2.86
HR/9 0.97 0.99
WHIP 1.19 1.20
GB/FB 0.81 1.18
BABIP .263 .286
eBABIP .283 .274

Que se dillio:

The first of seven straight games against the Pirates and the Nationals. No opponent should be taken lightly, but if the Mets don't win at least four of these games it will be a colossal disappointment. Moises Alou was supposed to come off the disabled list tonight, but now it looks like he won't. Maybe another couple of days there. Damion Easley is back on the roster; Chip Ambres, we hardly knew ye.

The other side of the tracks:

Check out Bucs Dugout for discussion of this game from the point-of-view of the opponent.

Follow the game online:

- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine