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Friday Morning Mets Newsstand

Zachary Braziller has a nice profile of Double-A first-baseman Mike Carp over at You can check out his stats at Carp has some pretty dramatic platoon splits, hitting .303/.371/.490 versus righties and .143/.176/.319 against lefties. He is going to need more at-bats against southpaws if he wants to improve that line. At 21 he is still pretty young for Double-A, but it's not clear if he is going to develop enough power to be a serviceable big league first-baseman.

Joe Smith was sent to Triple-A New Orleans after his poor appearance in yesterday's game. Some have described this as a knee-jerk reaction on the Mets' part, while others have pointed out that Smith could be going through a dead arm period, throwing more this year than he ever has in the past. He started his career in remarkable fashion, keeping opponents off the board through his first seventeen appearances covering 15.1 innings. In 29 appearances and 23.1 innings since then, Smith has a 5.01 ERA and a WHIP of 1.89.

Baseball Prospectus author Christina Kahrl has a new article in today's New York Sun, mainly about the Mets' holes and who is out there to fill 'em.

Larry Brooks has an article at The Post today about Jebus knows what, Mets' injuries or somesuch. In the second-to-last paragraph he says this:

There isn't a single everyday Met who's matching his 2006 season.
2006 EQA 2007 EQA
Jose Reyes .287 .295
David Wright .307 .308
Shawn Green .262 .260

Admittedly, many of the Mets' offensive players are worse this year than last, but to say that nobody is matching their output from last year is simply inaccurate. Jose Reyes has been clearly better than last year, and David Wright and Shawn Green have essentially "matched" their production from 2006 even if they haven't exceeded it.