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Body Count Mounting; Oliver Perez Hits DL

With Jorge Sosa already on the disabled list with a strained left hamstring, the Mets added to their MASH unit by disabling Oliver Perez with a sore lower back and recalling Jason Vargas from Triple-A Las Vegas. Vergas will start tonight in Colorado against Aaron Cook.

Vargas has been decent if unspectacular with the Zephyrs this year, going 6-4 with a 4.35 ERA. He has been an extreme flyball pitcher (0.60 groundball-to-flyball ratio), which doesn't exactly make him a great fit for a game in Colorado. Vargas also has extremely bizarre platoon splits this year. Witness:

vs LHB 53 .321 .390 .491 .405 1.86 4.38 10.22 1.46
vs RHB 232 .259 .304 .397 .297 1.31 2.59 6.41 0.76

Small sample size caveats apply as usual, but Vargas's line against lefties (Vargas is a lefty himself) is wild. He has struck out in excess of ten batters per nine innings, but walked almost a batter every two and coughed up a homer and a half per game. The BABIP is absurd, and he is dealing with almost two baserunners per inning. I think his performance against righties is more likely what we can expect out of him over a longer stretch. His BABIP is more in line with the league, his walks are under control and his strikeouts are serviceable.

I'm a little disappointed the Mets didn't go with Brian Lawrence, who has been quite good in Triple-A and has historically been a groundball pitcher. He was actually released by the Rockies earlier in the season before catching on with the Mets, so it would have been a homecoming of sorts for him. However, Vargas is already on the 40-man roster and Lawrence is not, so some additional roster shuffling would have been in order had the Mets called on Lawrence instead.