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"This Time It Counts" All Star Game Giveaway

I know it counts this time, but that doesn't necessarily make the game any more interesting to watch. What does? Gambling. Okay, so we can't really put money on it *cough*, but we can at least make it a little more interesting. Whoever correctly guesses the most of the following questions pertaining to Tuesday's All Star Game will win a copy of the New York Mets Vintage World Series DVD. Here we go:

  1. Who will be the runner up in the homerun derby? (i.e. finish second)
  2. Which league will win the game?
  3. Who will be the winning pitcher?
  4. Over/Under: 2.5 homeruns hit by both teams combined.
  5. Will Jose Reyes steal a base?
  6. Who will be the MVP?
And the tiebreaker: Guess the total number of pitches thrown by both teams combined. Closest, over or under, wins.

Good luck!