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Mets 5, Pirates 4

Hero of the day: Carlos Beltran - 2-for-4, hr, 2rbi, 2r

The Phillies and Braves both won tonight so the Mets' win means they get to keep pace. Orlando Hernandez threw 130 pitches, the absurdity of which is surpassed only by the fact that he did so in just six innings. His control was not great (five walks), but the Pirates aren't a very good team so it was enough to get it done.

It was nice to see Beltran get a solid game under his belt as he has been largely putrid since returning from the disabled list not playing for a week due to injury. Mike DiFelice picked up a couple of hits in Paul Lo Duca's Ramon Castro's absence and Scott Schoeneweis made an appearance and actually didn't allow any runs (huzzah!).

Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo combined to go 1-for-10 with six left on base but the Mets found a way to win anyway (namely getting hits from everyone else).