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Thursday Morning Mets Newsstand

Tim Marchman is satisfied that Pedro is on a mound and doesn't care much about the results. Been there, done that.

Marc Normandin looks at some players on contending teams who could make or break their teams' chances down the stretch. He thinks that Moises Alou could be that guy for the Mets:

The return of Moises Alou from the disabled list gives the Mets an offensive boost they will require down the stretch. Alou hit .318/.374/.445 before landing on the DL in mid-May, but since his return on July 27 he has hit .293/.364/.586. Granted, that's a small sample of only 54 at-bats, but if he can remain around his season line of .310/.370/.494 then the Mets will have outfield production they have sorely missed all season replacing him.

Alou's BABIP is .315, exactly where you would expect it given his 19% line-drive rate, so there's no reason to believe he can't keep his numbers where they are. What the Mets really need in order to avoid losing their grip on the division is to avoid any further injuries and replace Shawn Green with Lastings Milledge. Green hit .355/.412/.538 in April thanks to a .385 BABIP, but has hit just .243/.289/.371 since then.

Jose Offerman went off the deep end and finally lived up to his "Awful-man" moniker by swinging his bat at something he could actually hit (hint: it wasn't a baseball).

The Mets are taking it easy with Ramon Castro. Paul Lo Duca is already on the disabled list so the Mets are going to give Castro an extra day or two to recuperate.

Pedro Martinez will start again for the St. Lucie Mets on Monday and Rick Peterson will be there.