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Mets 6, Nationals 2

Hero of the day: Tom Glavine - 7ip, 8h, 1r, 1bb, 6k

Pretty much everyone on the team contributed something positive tonight in one way or another. Jose Reyes was the only starter without a hit, but he made up for that by drawing two walks and stealing two bases. The Mets drew nine walks altogether, two by a resurgent Carlos Beltran and another by "Mr. No Good At Anything" Shawn Green.

Damion Easley and Moises Alou each hit solo homeruns early to get the Mets rolling. Speaking of Alou, he came pretty close to hitting three homeruns but ended up with just the one, his only hit in five trips to the plate, and left seven men on base in the process.

Tom Glavine was really the story tonight, as he went seven strong innings and gave most of the bullpen a night off. I'm still a little confused about some of Willie's decision-making. He seems compelled to use Guillermo Mota in high leverage situations in very close games yet he saves Pedro Feliciano for games like this so that he can face the bottom of the lineup with his team up four runs.

Mike DiFelice continues to play well in the absence of Ramon Castro, even if my wife thinks he looks more plumber than ballplayer.