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Mets 7, Padres 6

Hero of the day: Carlos Beltran - 3-for-3, homerun, double, walk, 5rbi

I had the "LOSS, 6-5" graphic all ready to roll but apparently the Mets had other ideas. Beltran obviously had a great game, Reyes and Alou each picked up a couple of hits, too. Carlos Delgado was mostly a disaster out there in his first game back in about a week. He made a couple of nice defensive plays in the eighth but he also made a couple of his patented zero-range waves and was useless at the plate, stranding four runners overall.

The bullpen was not very good at all tonight. Everyone but Heilman allowed at least a run to cross the plate, and Heilman might have had the shakiest inning of them all.

The offense was the story, though, as they scored seven runs in 6.1 innings against Chris Young, Heath Bell and Trevor Hoffman. The Braves lost and the Phillies won so the Mets' lead in the NL East remains five games on Philly and increases to six game (seven in the loss column) on Atlanta. Nice start to the series.