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Padres 7, Mets 5

Suckiest suck that ever sucked: Carlos Delgado - 0-for-5, 3k, 7lob

Guillermo Mota sucked pretty badly tonight, too, but Delgado was just off the hizzie fo shizzie. That means really bad, right? Delgado might as well be swinging a roll of wrapping paper at this point. He looked so utterly useless tonight (and last night, for that matter) that I wonder why he even bothers sometimes? I'll cut him a bit of slack overall since he is still trying to get back into a groove after missing some time due to injury, but I really could have turned off the TV when he came up in the ninth because I had nary an inking of hope that he wouldn't fail to come through. Sarcastic cap tip to everyone else for giving it the old college try there.

It may be time to give Jose Reyes the Willie "Mays" Hayes treatment and make the kid do push-ups every time he pops one in the air. Except for times when Geoff Blum is playing second, a pop-up is only marginally more beneficial than a strikeout since pop-ups are converted into outs like 99% of the time.

Nice cameo by Jeff Conine there in the ninth. Pinch-hit single in his Met debut.