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Mets 4, Dodgers 3

Hero of the day: Orlando Hernandez - 7ip, 4h, 2r, 7k, 2bb

In his finest performance since Mask, Eric Stolts held the Mets' offense to three runs in 4.2 innings, even if two of those runs came off the bat of Carlos Delgado.

David Wright had another fine game at the plate, singling twice and drawing a pair of walks to give him 76 on the season (60 unintentionally). The Mets order 7-8-9-1-2 went 1-for-19 with a walk so they relied pretty heavily on 3-4-5-6, as they probably should. It was actually nice to see them win a game that didn't require they bludgeon their opponent into submission. El Duque was great -- again -- and was almost flawless except for a couple of solo shots to Luis Gonzalez and Russell Martin when Hernandez was tiring in the seventh.

At all events, a nice win for the Mets. Now we can sit back and root for the Padres, Cardinals (*shudder*) and Tigers.