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Open Thread - Game 129: Mets vs. Dodgers (08/26/2007) on ESPN


Tale of the tape:

Maine Wells
ERA 3.64 5.54
FIP 4.33 4.91
K/9 7.75 4.78
BB/9 3.52 2.50
K/BB 2.20 1.91
HR/9 1.13 1.29
WHIP 1.23 1.59
GB/FB 0.78 1.09
BABIP .266 .338
eBABIP .280 .320

Que se dillio:

The Braves have already lost; the Phillies have already won. A Met win tonight pushes the Braves to eight games back, an incredible deficit with just thirty or so games yet to be played. Tonight David Wells makes his debut for the Dodgers, having stunk it up something fierce with the Padres before being let go a short while back.

John Maine is going through a pretty serious rough stretch right now. His ERA since July 13, a span covering eight starts, is a lofty 6.10. He has allowed nine homeruns in those eight starts after surrendering just ten in his first eighteen of the season.

Check out the preview of tonight's game at

The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

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