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Open Thread - Game 132: Mets vs. Phillies (08/29/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Perez Moyer
ERA 3.34 5.16
FIP 4.24 4.95
K/9 8.64 5.73
BB/9 3.72 2.89
K/BB 2.32 1.98
HR/9 1.14 1.36
WHIP 1.26 1.44
GB/FB 0.67 0.95
BABIP .280 .306
eBABIP .293 .322

Que se dillio:

So the last two games have been unmitigated disasters. Really, if the Mets can just grab one of the next two they'll end the series in pretty good shape, at least four games up on both the Phils and the Braves.

Check out the preview of tonight's game at

The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine