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Mets 6, Cubs 2

Hero of the day: Carlos Delgado - 4 bb, 2b, rbi

Big win for the Mets going up against the Big Z. It's hard to imagine paying $18-$20 million per year or more for a guy who could be as wild as Zambo was this afternoon. He was all over the place, walking seven and striking out five. El Duque was mostly superb, striking out nine and walking just one. His one failing was in hold two one-run leads, with the Cubs tying the score after each of the Mets' first two runs.

The Mets busted things open in the ninth after two iffy ball calls by home plate umpire Paul Schrieber on David Wright, the last of which put Dub on base with his second walk of the game. He would eventually come around to score on Carlos Delgado's RBI double, who himself would score on Shawn Green's improbably double. The Mets went on to plate four runs, more than enough cushion for Billy Wagner.