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Open Thread - Game 133: Mets vs. Phillies (08/30/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Hernandez Lohse
ERA 3.07 4.47
FIP 4.44 4.52
K/9 7.83 5.55
BB/9 3.59 2.55
K/BB 2.18 2.18
HR/9 1.17 1.08
WHIP 1.08 1.33
GB/FB 0.81 0.90
BABIP .220 .296
eBABIP .235 .337

Que se dillio:

If you believe in the power of momentum in this sport then the Mets find themselves in quite a pickle. They have lost four straight games overall including the first three in this series and they go at it again with the Phillies today at 1pm. In a way I think it's good for them to get back out there this afternoon to give it another go instead of having to stew over last night's loss for a full 24 (or 21 ) hours. El Duque looks to straighten things out for this wayward ship, but no pitcher is an island: if the Mets can't figure out how to score some runs then the ship's status will rapidly shift from staggering to flag out hull breach.

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The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

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