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Mets 8, Cubs 3

Hero of the day: Tom Glavine, career win #300

Obviously, it's an incredible achievement for Tom Glavine personally. As he echoed in his post-game news conference, the win is a big relief for him, and his comments speak to the human side of the game that is so easy to overlook at times. Three hundred career victories is an historic milestone, and I'm happy for Glavine that it's over with and that he was able to accomplish it on national television with the world's greatest baseball analyst on board to chronicle it for posterity.

Personal achievements aside, this was a huge win for the Mets to complete a very successful 4-2 road trip through Milwaukee and Chicago. The Braves and Phillies both won today so a Mets' win was crucial. Now that #300 is squarely in the rearview, Glavine and the Mets can focus on the Braves.

Also, great job on the game chatter. 385 comments! My favorite? gersch3's Am I the only chick in here tonight?. Nice to know we have the ladies represented here. Someone's gotta keep these oafs in line.