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Monday Morning Mets Newsstand

Tom Glavine did something or other last night; apparently it was a pretty big deal. Wayne Drehs at says that chicks dig the soft-tossing lefties; his article praises Glavine for being a player whose historic milestone all of baseball can embrace. Apparently certain folks aren't thrilled with Barry Bonds for some reason.

At, Michael Salfino looks at the best and worst New York ballplayers using proprietary data provided by Baseball Info Solutions. Most interesting nugget: Guillermo Mota has the second-best changeup in baseball this season, holding batters to a .406 BPS (batting average plus slugging).

Tim Marchman ruminates on Barry Bonds's homerun mark and finds that life does indeed go on despite baseball's most hated man owning a part of the game's most ballyhooed record.

Luis Castillo left last night's game in the eighth inning, apparently suffering from heat exhaustion. He'll be fine, and he had easily his best game as a Met, going 4-for-5 with a double (!) and two stolen bases.

Ben Johnson broke his ankle in a game with Triple-A New Orleans yesterday and will undergo season-ending surgery. [ADDED @ 11:45am]

Tom Glavine gets some love at's Stat of the Day blog. [ADDED @ 4:22pm]

Gary Huckabay has an entry at Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered discussing the ways in which Bud Selig has screwed the pooch with respect to the Barry Bonds home run chase. [ADDED @ 4:24pm]

Tim Dierkes has a nice Ramon Casto profile up at [ADDED @ 4:33pm]