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Braves 7, Mets 3

Suckiest suck that ever sucked: Oliver Perez - 5ip, 10h, 6r, 6er, 2hr

Not a very good way to start such an important series, especially going against the least majestic pitcher of the bunch. The Mets draw John Smoltz and Tim Hudson in the next two games so it's not going to get any easier folks.

Moises Alou continues to do less than diddly-squat with men on base. Diddly-squat would be a strikeout or a popup; Alou is basically an automatic double play when he comes up with runners on and less than two outs.

I'm not going to lose much sleep over one game, but I'm getting pretty tired of seeing out machines Shawn Green and Paul Lo Duca in the lineup every night, hitting back-to-back and effortlessly quashing even the most promising of rallies. But, they're both Proven Veterans™, which means you can count on Willie Randolph capriciously scribbling their names on the lineup card day in and day out.