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Pedro Inching Closer

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Pedro Martinez threw a bullpen session for the Mets in Atlanta on Friday. You can check out some footage and photos at Bryan Biederman's Screwballs blog over at There's a video of Pedro goofing around and another of him tossing a few pitches in the bullpen.

At The Record and on his blog, Steve Popper points to Monday in Cincinnati as the likely return date for Pedro to big league action. Pedro seems confident:

"I feel like I can probably throw a little harder," Martinez said. "But there's no need. I need to get command of the pitches. From 85 to 88, if I have command of my pitches I'll get anybody out. I wouldn't hesitate to say that."
Sounds good to me.

UPDATE [2pm]: John Delcos confirms it: Petey is a go for Monday.