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Mets 3, Braves 2

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Hero of the day: Oliver Perez - 7ip, 5h, 2r, 2er, 7k, 2bb

Ollie and John Maine have to realize that one of them will draw the short straw come playoff time and Ollie definitely came out tonight with something to prove. He was around the strike zone all night, firing 79 of his 116 pitches -- 68% -- for strikes. Aaron Heilman and Billy Wagner pitched a perfect inning apiece and the Mets walk away with a tidy 3-2 win.

Tim Hudson was on his game tonight and the Mets were probably lucky to scrape together three runs. It doesn't hurt when you have the hottest hitter in baseball swinging for your club, as David Wright blasted a two-run homerun (and later added a walk) after an off-day on Sunday. Jose Reyes reached base twice and Moises Alou added his first triple of the season.

The Phillies managed to squeak out a win against the Rockies in extra innings, but the Met win drops their magic number to 14.