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Mets 4, Braves 3

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Hero of the day: John Maine - 6ip, 3h, 1r, 1er, 3bb, 5k

Maine walked three straight batters in the fourth inning after Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes combined to drop a pop fly off the bat of Mark Teixeira. You could make an argument that Maine should have been out of the inning on the routine flyball but that doesn't excuse three consecutive free passes.

Aaron Heilman had been very good for a while now but he had some control issues in the eighth inning. Pedro Feliciano inherited two runners from Heilman and added a walk of his own, setting up the least desirable scenario imaginable: Guillermo Mota pitching to anyone, in this case Jeff Francoeur, with the bases loaded and the fate of the game potentially hanging in the balance. Rather predictably, Frenchy singled to left, plating two and tying the game at three apiece. Mota fanned Andruw Jones to end the inning and walked away with a win on his ledger after the Mets rallied to take a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the eighth. Billy Wags pitched a perfect ninth to close it out.

Jose Reyes picked up another couple of hits and finally seems to be getting into a bit of a groove. David Wright went 0-for-2 but still raised his OBP thanks to a pair of walks.

The Phillies were annihilated 12-0 by the Rockies so the Mets' magic number to clinch the east is down to 11.