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Mets Versus Phillies, Or: Whatever

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I was going to write this long, drawn-out entry about how the Phillies handed the Mets their asses this weekend -- again -- and how it's demoralizing but really not the end of the world. Instead I'll just leave you with this:

vs Phillies, 2007
Runs Scored: 82
Runs Allowed: 88
Record: 6-12
Win Pct: .333
Pyth Record: 8-10
Expected Win Pct: .465

What can you do? The Mets have been a bit unlucky in the season series and have been outplayed at the margins: Their clutch hitting and late-inning relief hasn't been there while the Phillies' has. Their run differential reflects a much closer record, and another game here or there and they'd have split the series. I'd like to have an extra game in the standings but all in all I'm not going to lose any sleep. I tip my editorial brim to the Phillies for beating the Mets fair and square, but I don't dread the thought of seeing them in the NLCS. In fact, I welcome it.