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Open Thread - Game 151: Mets vs. Nationals (09/19/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Pelfrey Chico
ERA 5.23 4.61
FIP 4.91 5.66
K/9 5.52 5.21
BB/9 4.50 4.07
K/BB 1.23 1.28
HR/9 0.73 1.50
WHIP 1.65 1.54
GB/FB 1.72 0.67
BABIP .325 .291
eBABIP .349 .321

Que se dillio:

I called in sick to work today and my boss asked if it had anything to do with the Mets. I was actually sick, but I can't swear that it isn't a physical manifestation of my putrid feelings about the way the Mets have been playing.

Check out the preview of today's game at

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- CBS SportsLine