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Attention, Mets: Your season starts now

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Having followed this Mets team all season, I will say that I've been pretty down in the dumps in recent days. We all have been, I'm sure. The Magic Number has been stuck at 11 since Friday, for crying out loud!

The Mets have managed to stick in first place for almost the whole season with the occasional lack of hitting, or pitching, or fielding, or baserunning (just four simple things that make a difference in the outcome of the average baseball contest--I like to call them the Keys To The Game). But only recently have the Mets suffered the indignity of wearing the golden sombrero, managing to leave all four Keys on the team bus for a few games.

Yeah, the Mets have been playing like garbage of late. It sure has been ugly.

Perhaps they would be a better team now if they had fallen out of first place at some point this year. Maybe they needed that test. Maybe they have been too comfortable. Well, maybe their test is here now.

In recent days, I've noticed that people around the Internets seem to have short memories (and I'm as guilty of it as anyone else). Two weeks ago, the Mets were playing their best baseball of the season. We all knew that team was out there--we had seen flashes of them all season. And when they put it all together for a couple of weeks at the start of September, it was awesome.

At that point, none of use had to believe--the Mets were just Taking Care of Business as we always figured they would. We were waiting all season for it.

I think Mets fans maybe have come to expect things to be a little too easy over the past two seasons. Maybe that's what's wrong with the guys on the team lately, too.  Who knows.

Long-time fans know that they wouldn't be the Mets if they didn't make it interesting. But that's the Mets, and this is our lot as Mets fans. Maybe it's time to start believing.

This team is not nearly as bad as they have looked over the last week. We all know it. That team we saw in early September lurks somewhere just beneath the surface. So I choose to believe.

Your season starts now, Mets. For all the fans who are true to the orange and blue, I implore you: do it.