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Open Thread - Game 152: Mets vs. Marlins (09/20/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Glavine Willis
ERA 3.88 5.34
FIP 4.63 5.16
K/9 3.88 6.25
BB/9 2.84 3.72
K/BB 1.37 1.68
HR/9 0.90 1.34
WHIP 1.34 1.64
GB/FB 1.14 1.48
BABIP .278 .336
eBABIP .333 .334

Que se dillio:

The Marlins held Dontrelle out of last night's game just so he could pitch against the Mets tonight. That's terrific. I was sick again today but dragged my beleaguered ass into work today because Matsumura Fishworks simply couldn't function without me for a day. To many involved it appeared that I had made a miraculous recovery on the heels of the Mets finally winning a game for the first time since forever.

Check out the preview of today's game at

The other side of the tracks:

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