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Marlins 8, Mets 7

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Suckiest suck that ever sucked: Jorge Sosa - 1+ip, 4h, 3r, 2er

Unwatchable. That's pretty much all you can say at this point. If the Mets are actually able to back their way into the playoffs I'm not totally convinced that I would want to watch them play any more games. 162 might be it for me, especially if they insist on playing like this.

So many things to kvetch about I hardly know where to start. Tom Glavine, Proven Veteran™, is handed a three run lead and can't hold it, coughing up four runs on eleven (!) hits in just five innings. Of course, why should he be any different from Brian Lawrence or John Maine, both handed leads in the Washington series only to piss them away like so many bottles of Rheingold.

Jose Reyes, again, looks completely inept at the plate, and his shortcoming are only magnified by the performances of his NL East shortstop counterparts. Hanley Ramirez would be the MVP if his team were better and Jimmy Rollins is carrying his team through the stretch run, while Reyes is eating up at-bats and spitting back outs at a rate eerily reminiscent of his 2005 incarnation. As Dan Scotto told me after the game, it's like a year and a half of growth has been thrown away. His plate discipline has almost completely deteriorated and his power is virtually non-existent. Without his speed, many of his triples would be doubles and doubles would be singles, further driving his slugging percentage down towards .400. I'm still bullish on his future but he has been the fourth best shortstop in the division this year.

Is starting Jeff Conine really preferable to Shawn Green batting against a lefty? Dontrelle Willis hasn't exactly been lights out this season and Conine has something like two hits since joining the Mets in August. You know it's a cold day in hell when I'm clamoring for Green to be in the starting lineup.

And lastly, the lack of a dominant bullpen is really exposing Willie Randolph's flaws as a tactical manager. He's from the managing school of "If it's in the toolbox I should probably use it" philosophy, sending Guillermo Mota and Jorge Sosa out there every day despite mounting evidence urging him to do otherwise. Mota actually managed to pitch a scoreless inning tonight, but Sosa was not so lucky. He was so impressive in allowing three runs to score in the ninth that it was imperative that he be trotted out there for another inning. That he retired even three batters in the ninth wasn't miracle enough, as Willie had to press his luck and try to coax another inning out of Sosa. Well, he managed zero outs in the tenth in securing a victory for the Marlins, and the Mets again find themselves within uncomfortable shouting distance of second place.