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Open Thread - Game 154: Mets vs. Marlins (09/22/2007) on FOX

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Tale of the tape:

Perez Kim
ERA 3.43 6.06
FIP 4.36 5.73
K/9 8.82 8.31
BB/9 4.19 5.48
K/BB 2.10 1.52
HR/9 1.14 1.50
WHIP 1.32 1.72
GB/FB 0.66 1.00
BABIP .283 .332
eBABIP .290 .308

Que se dillio:

Right now it feels like no lead is safe when it's in the less-than-capable hands of the Mets' bullpen. Billy Wagner continues to be unavailable due to back spasms, though he claims to be doing everything he can to get out on the field. Carlos Beltran expects to be in the lineup today. Jose Reyes reached base four times last night, twice via the walk, in what was the most encouraging game he has played in a long time.

Check out the preview of today's game at

The other side of the tracks:

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