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Open Thread - Game 155: Mets vs. Marlins (09/23/2007) on CW11

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Tale of the tape:

Maine Seddon
ERA 4.04 8.44
FIP 4.39 3.76
K/9 7.92 6.75
BB/9 3.58 1.69
K/BB 2.21 4.00
HR/9 1.16 0.84
WHIP 1.30 1.97
GB/FB 0.83 1.08
BABIP .285 .449
eBABIP .297 .510

Que se dillio:

The Mets have taken care of their own business the last two days, winning back-to-back ballgames for the first time in a couple of weeks. Yesterday afternoon's gem by Oliver Perez was particularly encouraging as Ollie had been struggling quite a bit with his control in recent months. One great game doesn't mean he has turned things around, but no walks and eight strikeouts in eight innings is a great way to get back on track. Ramon Castro hit a big three-run bomb, raising his OPS+ to 123 (Paul Lo Duca is at 83, in case you're wondering).

John Maine takes the mound this afternoon in desperate need of a strong outing. He has been absolutely dreadful since the beginning of August (and mostly dreadful since the All-Star break), notching a 7.24 ERA in nine starts over the past seven weeks. Opponents are hitting .306/.399/.543 over that span with nine homeruns and 25 walks in 46 innings. That 7.24 ERA is the second-worst in the majors to Horacio Ramirez's 8.10. Prior to August 1, Maine's 2.92 ERA was the eighth best mark in all of baseball. His homeruns-per-nine were around half what they are now and his walks-per-nine were also dramatically lower. His strikeout rate has actually gone up as his other peripherals have deteriorated. Maine will start two of the Mets' final eight games and it'd be really nice if he could pull his stuff together for the home stretch.

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