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Open Thread - Game 157: Mets vs. Nationals (09/25/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Glavine Bergmann
ERA 3.97 4.30
FIP 4.65 4.85
K/9 3.92 6.83
BB/9 2.82 3.21
K/BB 1.39 2.13
HR/9 0.92 1.43
WHIP 1.36 1.19
GB/FB 1.14 0.64
BABIP .285 .247
eBABIP .335 .276

Que se dillio:

For a team with designs on winning the division, last night's game was an utter embarrassment. The Nationals are last or nigh last in virtually every offensive category and the Mets' pitchers have spent the last week making them look like the '31 Yankees. Tom Glavine goes tonight, and though Glav-o was not particularly impressive his last time out against the Marlins he was *very* good in his four starts prior. The Mets really need him to bring his "A" game tonight, as it's time for the Mets to take control of this division. Glavine will be opposed by birthday boy Jason Bergmann who has pitched pretty well in two starts this season against the Mets.

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