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Open Thread - Game 158: Mets vs. Nationals (09/26/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Humber Bacsik
ERA 3.00 4.76
FIP 1.87 5.78
K/9 6.00 3.43
BB/9 0.00 2.18
K/BB 2.00 1.57
HR/9 0.00 1.72
WHIP 1.00 1.40
GB/FB 2.00 1.02
BABIP .317 .283
eBABIP .520 .305

Que se dillio:

Philip Humber finally makes his first big league start tonight, three years after being drafted third overall out of Rice. We know he can get his fastball up to the mid-ninties. We know he has a hammer curve. We know, at the very least, that he isn't Dave Williams or Brian Lawrence. Considering how poorly the Mets have pitched against the Nationals over the last two weeks, Humber would really have to go out there and drop a stinker for this appearance to be any worse than what we have become accustomed to watching.

On the opposing hill will be Mike Bacsik, former Met and current journeyman who allowed just two runs to the Mets in a start at Shea back on July 27. He has a 6.87 ERA over his last seven starts which probably means the Mets won't manage diddly squat against him.

Just trying to stay positive.

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