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Open Thread - Game 159: Mets vs. Cardinals (09/27/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Martinez Pineiro
ERA 2.57 4.72
FIP 2.06 4.93
K/9 10.29 5.42
BB/9 2.57 2.51
K/BB 4.00 2.16
HR/9 0.00 1.41
WHIP 1.52 1.47
GB/FB 0.76 1.32
BABIP .425 .319
eBABIP .335 .296

Que se dillio:

One game up and fading fast, the Mets turn to Pedro Martinez, savior circa 2005, to steer this ship towards safer shores. Opposing the Mets this evening are their bitter enemies of a year ago, those wretched and utterly unlikeable Cardinals. I can't even bear to watch.

Check out the preview of today's game at

The other side of the tracks:

Check out Viva El Birdos for discussion of this game from the point-of-view of the opponent.

Follow the game online:

- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine