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Open Thread - Game 137: Mets vs. Reds (09/03/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Martinez Harang
ERA 3.51
FIP 3.69
K/9 8.24
BB/9 2.08
K/BB 3.95
HR/9 1.04
WHIP 1.12
GB/FB 0.99
BABIP .288
eBABIP .296

Que se dillio:

I'm trying to temper my expectations for Pedro's 2007 return this afternoon. It certainly doesn't help that the Mets are facing one of the best starters in the National League, but ultimately Pedro's performance will stand on its own. The Mets said the other day that he would be on a fairly strict pitch count of 75 for the game, though all pitches aren't created equal and a lot will have to do with the level of duress under which he makes those pitches.

Check out the preview of tonight's game at

The other side of the tracks:

Check out Red Reporter for discussion of this game from the point-of-view of the opponent.

Follow the game online:

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- CBS SportsLine