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Mets 10, Reds 4

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Hero of the day: Pedro Martinez - 5ip, 76 pitches, 47 strikes, 5h, 3r, 2er, 3bb, 4k

Sure, two of Pedro's four strikeouts came via useless flailings by Aaron Harang, but the importance of this start for the Mets and for Pedro probably can't be overstated. Pedro looked calm and confident for the majority of his five innings, and was mostly dominant after a shaky first inning. Some balls were hit hard and he didn't really have his curveball working at all, but his fastball sat in the upper eighties and his cutter and changeup both showed considerable life despite an eleven month hiatus from big league action.

The Braves handed the Phillies their third straight loss and the Mets have built their division lead back up to five games.

Reaction to Pedro's start?