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Game. Set. Match.

I tied a big shitty bow on the season that was over at MetsGeek, so head on over there for my thoughts on what was arguably the worst regular season collapse in the history of the sport. The Yankees are the proud owners of that mark for a postseason series, but considering the Mets' lead and their remaining competition when play began on September 13 you really have to consider theirs a meltdown of epic proportions.

I have to hand it to the Phillies, the losingest team in organized sports, who pulled it together down the stretch to outlast a crumbling Mets team that couldn't stay out of its own way long enough to win a few extra ballgames and make the division the laugher it probably should have been. The Phillies, to their considerable credit, didn't buckle in the season's waning weeks as they did so often in the past; they kept on winning ballgames while the Mets could not, and they really took advantage of the opportunities they were given. I can't say they don't deserve the division title because I *can* say that the Mets most certainly do not.

There was a lot to be proud of this season, but there was a lot to be embarrassed about, too. You can be sure that the local papers and talk radio will be buzzing with the story of the Mets' collapse. It hurts to hear it and to read it but, hey, the Mets brought it all on themselves. They had every chance to put the division away and they refused to take them, allowing the Phillies to hang around just long enough to finally take the crown away. Maybe the sting of their historic disappearing act will ring into 2008 and motivate them to achieve better things next season.

That's it for now. Congratulations to the NL East Champion Philadelphia Phillies, may they be swept in the first round. Good night, all.