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Open Thread - Game 140: Mets vs. Astros (09/07/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Pelfrey Rodriguez
ERA 5.43 4.49
FIP 4.77 3.95
K/9 5.60 7.91
BB/9 4.45 2.92
K/BB 1.26 2.71
HR/9 0.66 1.01
WHIP 1.55 1.30
GB/FB 1.76 1.05
BABIP .310 .309
eBABIP .353 .302

Que se dillio:

So huge apologies for being MIA this week. I was up until 3am most days with crazy deadlines that wound up not mattering anyway. Such is the daily grind here at Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern. I promise to make up for it.

Tonight we've got the new (and improved?) Mike Pelfrey taking on Magic Wandy Rodriguez.

Check out the preview of tonight's game at

The other side of the tracks:

Check out Crawfish Boxes for discussion of this game from the point-of-view of the opponent.

Follow the game online:

- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine