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Open Thread - Game 141: Mets vs. Astros (09/08/2007) on SNY

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Tale of the tape:

Glavine Williams
ERA 4.06 4.95
FIP 4.69 5.29
K/9 4.00 4.95
BB/9 2.98 2.47
K/BB 1.34 2.00
HR/9 0.92 1.49
WHIP 1.39 1.39
GB/FB 1.14 0.89
BABIP .287 .294
eBABIP .341 .286

Que se dillio:

With last night's laugher at Shea and another Philly loss the Mets have stretched their division lead back to six games, exactly where it was before their once-season-altering four-game beatdown at Citizen's Bank Park a week and a half ago. Now there are 22 games left to play and the Mets' magic number to win the NL East sits at 17. If the Mets win just half of their remaining games the Phillies will have to go 16-6 down the stretch just to tie. Check out the preview of today's game at

The other side of the tracks:

Check out Crawfish Boxes for discussion of this game from the point-of-view of the opponent.

Follow the game online:

- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine