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Mets 4, Astros 1

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Hero of the day: Pedro Martinez - 5ip, 6h, 0r, 1bb, 4k

Nice 2007 Shea debut for Pedro Martinez. He showed generally good command of his pitches, better than his first start at least, though at times he lacked the ability to put hitters away. He fanned Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee in succession on beautiful changeups and was otherwise solid. The Astros are nothing like a formidable lineup, but Pedro intimated that his second start would be a good indicator of his readiness and he seems to have passed that test with little difficulty.

Add fielding and throwing to the list of things that Guillermo Mota is terrible at, his throwing error in the sixth almost costing the Mets some runs.

Aaron Heilman walked the first batter he faced on four pitches but induced groundball outs on the next three, a welcome sign to say the least. Heilman's strikeout and walk numbers have been very strong but he has hurt himself and his team more often than not by giving up untimely (are they ever really timely?) longballs. His season WHIP is 1.10 and his success is going to be very important for this team as we head down the stretch and (hopefully) towards the postseason.

Jose Reyes has been frustratingly bad at the plate for the better part of three months now. I'll have more on his struggles later this week, but his season is spiraling out of control a bit and he has turned into something of an automatic out.

Moises Alou has very quietly hit .329/.387/.524 in 274 plate appearances. Also from the "very quietly" department, Carlos Beltran has pushed his season OPS above .900, currently hitting .283/.364/.538. Not quite what he did last year, but very good considering his defense and baserunning have been exemplary.

Magic number is down to 15 with the Phillies and Braves coming into town this week.