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Community Projection: Jose Reyes

I looked back at Jose Reyes's 2007 season in Novemeber, but now it's time to look forward to 2008. We had a lot of fun predicting Pedro Martinez's future forecase last week, and Reyes is as good a candidate as any to kickstart the batter projections.

2005 733 27 78 7 60 15 .273 .300 .386
2006 703 53 81 19 64 17 .300 .354 .487
2007 765 77 78 12 78 21 .280 .354 .421

Reyes greatly improved his plate discipline in 2007, and his walk rate has climbed steadily the past two seasons. His power fell off considerably last year, and many question whether all of his attempted steals are actually benefiting himself and the team when all is said and done. What do you guys think?

Project Jose Reyes's 2008 performance in the following categories:

  1. Plate appearances
  2. Walks
  3. Strikeouts
  4. Stolen bases
  5. Caught stealing
  6. Homeruns
  7. Batting average
  8. On-base percentage
  9. Slugging percentage
Try to avoid basing your prognostications on any of the projection systems (ZiPS, Marcel, Bill James, PECOTA, etc.) that are out there. Stick to what your gut says. Post your projections in the comments in the following comma-delimited format:


You can even copy the line above, paste it into your comment, and then simply replace the categories with your projections. For example:


Posting in this manner will make it far easier for me to copy into Excel to tabulate. I'll post other pitchers and hitters in the coming weeks, and will tally our projections at the end. Don't forget any of the categories; I will be forced to discard any incomplete projections.

With all of that in the back of your mind, let 'er rip.