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Yay, New Stuff!

There are some new developments here at Amazin' Avenue as well as at SB Nation as a whole that I wanted to share with you quickly.

  1. The FanPosts page has been given a makeover. It's now easier than ever to scan the list of recent FanPosts, along with their corresponding comment statuses and recommendations. You can read more about the changes at the SB Nation Blog.
  2. You might have noticed a little ways down the right sidebar here that there's a new "SB Nation MLB Postseason" widget, which contains playoff-related headlines from around the SB Nation baseball sites. To go along with the widget is a brand-spanking-new SB Nation MLB Playoff Hub, which features schedules and line scores for all ongoing postseason series, as well as featured playoff content from each playoff team's SB Nation blog.
  3. Lastly, Amazin' Avenue is now on Facebook (I've also added a badge section to the left sidebar here). If you're into the whole Facebook thing, click thru to our page and become a fan. I still don't really know what Facebook is or what the point is anyway (I'm guessing pr0n), but I know a lot of you kids are into it so go check it out.