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Monday Applesauce

At, in a preview of his interview with GM Omar Minaya, Matt Cerrone posts a Q&A on Daniel Murphy's status:

Ed from Melville, NY, asked, "How do you envision Murphy in the line up? What position do you see him playing? And how excited are you about this guy?"

Minaya, on Murphy, speaking to

"Well, first of all, we are very excited. We rarely see a young player having that kind of plate discipline

I am comfortable that he is going to play the outfield if we need him to play the outfield. We are also comfortable that he would be able to play first base – if someday Carlos Delgado is not with us. So we’re excited about him, and we envision him that way…

He is going to play second base in the Fall League, but that was something that was decided a while back before he actually came to the Major Leagues"

Emphasis is mine, and hoo-ray for Omar Minaya acknowledging plate discpline! I mentioned this the other day, and I still feel that the Mets are downplaying Murphy's role at second base in the AFL in case it doesn't work out. Obviously, he would be a huge upgrade over anything they have now if he could be even adequate defensively there. It's probably a longshot that he will be, given how few players have moved from third base to second successfully, but a successful transition would be a huge win for the Mets.

Over at the Hardball Times, Victor Wang analyzes what Ben Sheets might be worth in free agency given his health and a team's relative aversion to risk. Sheets has had a lot of injury problems in the past, and heads into the offseason with a torn elbow muscle that may require surgery. The latest prognosis is that the elbow just needs rest and that it should be fine long-term (i.e. by next season).

Hawaiian Winter Baseball

Honolulu Sharks 6, North Shore Honu 3

  • Greg Veloz (2B) went 1-for-4.
  • Junior Guerra allowed two hits in a third of an inning.