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Tuesday Applesauce

At MetsGeek, Mike Newman presents the case against Francisco Rodriguez, arguing that the Mets find themselves with a high payroll but relatively few bad contracts, and extending six years and nearly $100 million (or something thereabouts) for a closer would be a desperate move.

At MLB Trade Rumors, Tim Dierkes looks at the Mets' payroll commitments for 2009 and provides some offseason suggestions and his outlook for next season:

The Mets have an excellent core for '09 - three good starting pitchers plus Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado all signed at arguably below-market rates. Minaya just needs to figure out how to allocate his money between a closer (and maybe a second reliever), a starter, and a left fielder.

Yes, thank you. No need to do anything daft this winter. The Mets have some areas that clearly need improvement, but there's no need for a complete overhaul here.

At Cardboard Gods, Josh Wilker busts out a 1980 Joel Youngblood, whose #18 was worn soon after by Darryl Strawberry:

I think Strawberry showed up last week for the closing of Shea Stadium. I’m not sure if Joel Youngblood did. It looked, just a couple weeks earlier, like the Mets would extend Shea’s lifetime beyond the end of the regular season by banishing the aftertaste of last season’s collapse with some playoff baseball. But you can never count on anything, so Shea’s last moment was not a playoff game but a bittersweet ceremony in the cold dusk featuring a gathering of Old Greats and Old Pretty Goods and Old OKs. The stands must have looked ragged, forlorn, many too disappointed to stay and watch. As the Allen Ginsberg stand-in in Dharma Bums put it, "It all ends in tears."

Replacement Level Yankee Weblog breaks down the projections to see whether signing Derek Lowe for three years makes any sense. There are indications that the Mets may take a look at Lowe as well.

Arizona Fall League

Peoria Saguaros 11, Surprise Rafters 6

  • Daniel Murphy went 4-for-4 with a walk, two RBI and three runs scored.
  • Shawn Bowman went 1-for-5 with an RBI.