Can we please, please, pretty please, stop saying silly, meaningless things like this… -- THE BOOK


mgl unloads on hackneyed baseball journalism... Can’t we just say that any team can beat any other team in one, two, three, or even in a seven-game series and then move on to something more interesting ? Period. Instead of attributing a lead of three games to one to heart, character, momentum, desire, youthful energy, etc.? When Kansas City or Pittsburgh wins 3 of 4 games during the season, where is their "heart" during the rest of the season. When Cleveland lost 3 games in a row to Boston last year in the ALCS, after winning 3 of the first 4, what happened to their mojo (it would be fun to look at’s baseball home page after game 4 of that series - I’m sure it looked just like it does today, only you can substitute CLE for TB).