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Friday Applesauce

Bob Klapisch writes that the Mets and Yankees could wind up in a bidding war with each other over the services of C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees have more money to spend, but the Mets can offer Sabathia the opportunity to step into the batter's box every fifth day. Sabathia is from California and many believe he is pining for a west coast return. He'll likely command a contract in the neighborhood of Johan Santana's (think six or seven years, $20-$25 million a year), but the thought of Santana and Sabathia starting 70 games next year is drool-worthy.

The Mets are negotiating with Jerry Manuel to bring him back as manager. Jerry is playing hard-to-get, though the Mets are apparently unlikely to go beyond two years, $1.5 million or so. In the same article, David Lennon speculates that, should things fall apart with Manuel, the Mets might make a push to bring Bobby Valentine back to the states. While I have my doubts that Valentine is even interested in leaving Japan, if I thought he might consider it I would toss Manuel into the nearest dumpster and make my way to the Pacific Rim asap.

Kevin Kernan jumps on the Francisco Rodriguez bandwagon. I think the money is better spent elsewhere, and would sooner hand out less money over less years to Kerry Wood (despite last night's flimsy effort) or Brian Fuentes. Despite his gaudy save totals, I find Rodriguez less appealing now than Billy Wagner was before the Mets signed him three years ago. The age difference is considerable, obviously, but Wagner had much better control than Rodriguez with similar strikeout rates.

The Mets are probably going to pick up Carlos Delgado's option at $12 million, which only costs the Mets $8 million relative to the $4 million buyout he would be owed if the Mets declined the option. If Delgado returns, even for one season, that likely means Mark Teixeira and Adam Dunn are off the table, though Dunn could conceivably "play" a corner outfield spot.

Following in lock-step with the Mets' once-promising season, Shea Stadium is now being dismantled. Follow the link for a video of some of the demo work being done.