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More Fish in the Barrel: Fun with the Mailbag

This week? Not particularly fun, to say the least. The offseason is now officially upon us, free agency filing has begun, and the Reality-Challenged Trade Proposals are about to increase in number while growing even crazier. However, for the Mets fan that writes to Marty Noble, there are more pressing issues to tackle:

I think the Mets should scale back the orange and go back to a more traditional style -- blue and white, very little orange, and also start marketing the "NY" logo a lot more. They should also stop marketing the scripted Mets logo. Enough with that! With all these changes moving into there new home Citi Field, I think it would be a great move to ease the frustrations of the past two seasons. This would show Mets fans -- along with free-agents-to-be -- that Mets ownership is committed to straightening this thing out. What are your thoughts?
-- James S., No location given

I've heard the arguments for and against the black alternate jersey (I tend to lean towards "for"), and I would imagine that I dislike the white jerseys sans pinstripes more than most other Mets fans. But taking the orange out of the Mets' color scheme? That's a new one. I would imagine that the fan who wrote in either isn't aware of the reasons behind the team colors or is a die-hard Brooklyn Dodgers fan who wants to eliminate traces of the Giants from the team's image as the Mets move to Ebbets 2.0 Citi Field.

Next up, we have a really difficult question to ponder:

Is it obvious that the Mets messed up with Scott Kazmir?
-- Fred W., Long Beach, N.Y.

Is the sky blue? Do umpires blow calls? Did you eat some of the candy you bought to give to trick-or-treaters?

That being said, I'm not a big fan of Noble's answer:

Isn't there a statue of limitations on lamenting poor trades? Anyone care to chastise the club for dealing Nolan Ryan? How about for bringing in Marvelous Marv Throneberry? This is a case of "Get over it." The Kazmir trade blew up in the Mets' faces. Victor Zambrano was a quite unremarkable pitcher. But let's move on and find something more recent to lament. Or praise.

So, because a bad trade took place four years ago, we're not allowed to talk about it anymore? As much as I get annoyed by the way a certain subset of the fanbase speaks of Kazmir in tones usually reserved for The Former Significant Other You Wish You Hadn't Dumped, the trade still has an impact on the shape of the team we see on the field, and it's fair to want to talk about the positive and negative aspects of that impact.

We also have two candidates for our Reality-Challenged Trade Proposal of the Week:

What are the chances of the Mets acquiring George Sherrill from the Orioles? I don't think spending so much money for K-Rod will best serve them because so many other areas need to be addressed. Maybe they can package Argenis Reyes, Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan (I know he's injury prone, but regardless) to get Sherrill and Brian Roberts, and just release Castillo, his four-year contract notwithstanding. Your thoughts?
-- Alvin D., Brentwood, N.Y.

You have mentioned that you doubt the Mets have enough ammunition and would be reluctant to trade for Jake Peavy. What if the Mets were to package John Maine, Fernando Martinez and Shawn Bowman for Peavy? Yes, you lose Maine -- who is still a young and affordable pitcher -- along with your top outfield prospect, but I think Peavy -- who is signed for another five years-- would be a great addition to the rotation. Also, there are a lot of free agents available for the outfield that would be worth signing such as Pat Burrell, Adam Dunn, and Rocco Baldelli.
-- Chris V., Norwalk, Conn.

I think the first trade takes the crazy prize, as the package suggested is probably not enough for Roberts and definitely too much for Sherrill (check out that lovely 5.57 BB/9). Of course, I can't completely dismiss any plan that involves ditching Luis Castillo, so it's got that going for it.