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Tuesday Applesauce

At MetsGeek, Alex Nelson looks at some things the Mets could learn from the Phillies' run to a world title.

At RotoGraphs, Brian Joura examines Carlos Beltran's power drop over the past couple of seasons and discusses its impact on fantasy ball. As with most content at RotoGraphs, this piece is geared towards fantasy managers, but it can be read almost in its entirety outside of that context.

DRays Bay writes a letter to Omar Minaya espousing all of Edwin Jackson's fine traits and why he'd be a good fit for the Mets. Plus, he feels really bad about the whole Scott Kazmir thing and wants to make it up to the Mets.

At his blog for Newsday, Ken Davidoff crunches some numbers on Mike Mussina and Jose Reyes.

Rob Neyer gives his take on Luis Castillo's contract in light of the second-baseman's recent commitment to getting in shape for 2009.

A member of Athletics Nation recently wrote this epic FanPost on Rickey Henderson, complete with newspaper and magazine clippings, ticket stubs, and what appear to be homemade collages. The bar has been set, people.

Red Reporter peers into the future of Aaron Harang. I don't see anything about him pitching for the Mets, so boo for me.

A judge has dismissed three counts in the government's perjury/obs-jus case against Barry Bonds. Not thrown out: The other eleven counts, ten of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. When reached for comment, Bonds said, "Three counts? The only count that matters is 762, biotch!"

Curt Schilling is headed for the Persian Gulf as part of the USO tour. I'll rail against the guy for being a blowhard and a whackjob, so I'll certainly tip my cap to him for doing something for the heroes.

At Cybermetrics, Cyril Morong wonders if Ryan Howard should strike out less, but he uses numbers and such so it's not really as sarcastic as it sounds.