Baseball Prospectus: Mets Top 11 Prospects


Four-Star Prospects 1. Fernando Martinez, CF 2. Wilmer Flores, SS 3. Jefry Marte, 3B Three-Star Prospects 4. Brad Holt, RHP 5. Jon Niese, LHP 6. Reese Havens, SS 7. Jenrry Mejia, RHP Two-Star Prospects 8. Ike Davis, 1B 9. Bobby Parnell, RHP 10. Eddie Kunz, RHP 11. Scott Moviel, RHP Just Missed: Dillon Gee, RHP; Francisco Pena, C; Cesar Puello, OF [UPDATE by Eric @ 2:02pm]: Where the !@#$ is Josh Thole? !%@#&