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Wednesday Applesauce

Derek Lowe and the Mets are close to a deal- The Boston Globe reports 3-4 years, 14-16MM per year. That's a fair deal for Lowe and probably a below market rate for at least 2009.

I've posted the Mets 2009 projected WAR over at google docs, in conjunction with a community project at Beyond the Box Score. The Mets look like a 88 win team at the moment, but Lowe would push them closer to 90-91. If you're unfamiliar with the categories they are (from left to right): Plate Appearances, Weighted On-Base Average, defensive runs above average (from UZR), baserunning wins above average, Wins Above Average, Wins Above Replacement player, Innings Pitched, Fielding Independent Pitching. 

Speaking of WAR, it joins the list of great new stats added to FanGraphs. Also at fangraphs, Dave Cameron makes the case for Willy Aybar being the best player without a regular job. A possible secondbase target? Probably not, but I can dream.