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Friday Morning Mets Newsstand

Bullet list, countdown to 5pm edition.

  • Ken Rosenthal checks in with an update on the Santana negotiations. Nothing really new or enlightening, but it sounds like progress is being made.
  • Keith Law released his Top 100 Prospects list yesterday. He's got Fernando Martinez at #10, and he chatted about the list yesterday afternoon.
  • At Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein published his list, ranking Martinez at #51. He also had a chat.
  • also published their list, slotting Martinez at #17.
  • At The Post, Joel Sherman thinks that Johan Santana's arrival in Queens will eventually end their no-hitter drought.
  • The Yankees signed Morgan Ensberg to a minor league deal. He will compete for a spot at first base. Nice signing. I thought the Phillies would have been much better off grabbing Ensberg instead of Pedro Feliz, as Ensberg draws plenty of walks and can hit 20-30 homeruns if he's in one of his "on" years.
  • At Dan Agonistes, Dan Fox talks a bit about Brian Bannister and then continues the pile-on of Marty Noble's Luddism towards statistical analysis.