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Who Am I?

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow, though some players have already arrived. To kill some time on this hump day, here's another installment of "Who Am I?". Some are harder than others, but hopefully these are a little more challenging than the last round.

It's more fun when you figure them out on your own, so try not to use sites like to track these guys down.

Who Am I?

  • I played for three seasons with the Mets.
  • I finished 6th in Rookie of the Year voting (not with the Mets).
  • I also played for the Pirates, Orioles, Marlins and Expos in a 14-year MLB career.
  • I hit six 17 homeruns (total!) for the Mets playing mostly first base and outfield.
Who Am I?
  • I began my career with the Mets and spent parts of five seasons at Shea.
  • My park-adjusted career OPS was 8% better than the league.
  • My dad played pro ball, primarily with the White Sox.
  • I was a career .272/.325/.421 with the Mets.
Who Am I?
  • I played just one season with the Mets, in the aughts.
  • I was still active in 2007, my eleventh big league season.
  • My OPS in that one season with the Mets was 123 points higher than my next best season.
  • I was originally a 4th round pick of the Mariners.
Who Am I?
  • I played parts of three seasons with the Mets in the nineties.
  • I was originally a first round pick (not for the Mets).
  • I had my best big league season with the Mets, though I had a few other good ones before coming to New York.
  • I had pretty good speed, swiping 37 bases one year (not with the Mets).

Nine current Hall of Famers have played for the Mets. I'll have an article later in the week on these guys, but see if you can name them (again, without scouring the archives at B-R).