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2008 Edition, Volume 3. I'll post an updated list once a week or so as circumstances encourage me to do so.

The following players were reassigned to minor league camp on Friday:

Ben Johnson, OF
Robert Parnell, RHP
Eddie Kunz, RHP
Juan Padilla, RHP
Andy Cavazos, RHP
Brant Rustich, RHP
Ivan Maldonado, RHP
Jon Niese, LHP
Ryan Cullen, LHP
Salomon Manriquez, C
Mike Nickeas,C
Anderson Machado, INF

Additionally, Adam Bostick, LHP, was optioned to AAA New Orleans.

Player, Position Comment
Michel Abreu, 1B
Strained hip flexor. Might've had a shot to fill in when Delgado went down, but things certainly aren't looking good right now.
Tony Armas, RHP
Still having visa problems.
Robinson Cancel, C
Hit a homerun the other day. Also, I found out that his name is pronounced can-SELL, not CAN-sill. Either way, if he pre-purchased tickets to Queens he should probably can-SELL them *chortle*.
Raul Casanova, C
The Mets have scrub catchers like Jay-Z has problems.
Brady Clark, OF
Hasn't had a great spring, and Angel Pagan has. Bad news for Clark.
Willie Collazo, LHP
His last two innings were scoreless ones, but he allowed four runs in his first two innings. He certainly hasn't done anything positive enough to distinguish himself from the pack.
Joselo Diaz, RHP
Four strikeouts, one walk, and no runs in five innings of work.
Nate Field, RHP
No earned runs in five innings pitched. He's a long shot, but he hasn't done anything bad yet.
Nelson Figueroa, RHP
Clearly, the Mets want to see what they've got here. He was once traded to the Phillies in the Curt Schilling deal, and he leads Mets pitchers this spring with 9.1 innings on the mound. He has allowed four earned runs in that span, and his 5-to-3 strikeout-to-walk ratio is nothing special, but we're talking about one full game's worth of innings here.
Ruben Gotay, IF
Good news: a CT scan revealed no broken bones in his ankle. The bad news: my tea leaves reveal that he may not get enough playing time this spring to make the team even if his ankle heals up posthaste.
Anderson Hernandez, IF
38 at-bats so far, still can't hit a lick. He keeps playing, though, and Gotay's injury can only help IPOR.
Ruddy Lugo, RHP
Playing time is getting hard to come by.
Fernando Martinez, OF
Just getting his hacks in. He'll be bound for New Orleans before too long. He thinks he'll make it to Shea sometime this year.
Carlos Muniz, RHP
Just three innings pitched so far.
Angel Pagan, OF
A hot spring and injuries to Moises Alou and Ryan Church have vaulted Pagan from Triple-A fodder to likely bench spot come opening day.
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Stunk up the joint the other day, but it may be because he was tipping his pitches. El Duque is progressing, which is also bad news for the Pelf.
Steven Register, RHP
Ten hits in 6.2 innings isn't going to get it done.
Ricardo Rincon, LHP
Five strikeouts, no walks in three innings of work, but he just isn't seeing enough action to make me believe the Mets are enamored.
Olmedo Saenz, 1B
He's getting plenty of action, and has shown good patience and pop thus far.
Joe Smith, RHP
Probably losing the numbers game at this point.
Brian Stokes, RHP
A couple of scoreless innings so far.
Jose Valentin, IF
Came back earlier than expected, and Gotay's injury and Anderson Hernandez's inability to hit his way out of a paper bag are all good things for Pornstache.
Jason Vargas, LHP
Not sure he's even still in camp.
Matt Wise, RHP
Hasn't allowed a run in six innings of work. With less than three weeks left in spring training he's as close to a bullpen lock as we have on this list.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.