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2008 Edition, Volume 4. I'll post an updated list once a week or so as circumstances encourage me to do so.

The following players were sent down to triple-a New Orleans and/or re-assigned to minor league camp:

Michel Abreu, 1B
Tony Armas, RHP
Willie Collazo, LHP
Joselo Diaz, RHP
Nate Field, RHP
Ruddy Lugo, RHP
Fernando Martinez, OF
Carlos Muniz, RHP

Player, Position Comment
Tony Armas, RHP
Finally arrived in camp last Sunday. Almost certainly too late for him to have any shot at making the big league team out of spring training. Reportedly has said he won't accept an assignment to the minors, but that's probably just a smokescreen. He has actually already been assigned to minor league camp, so we will see what happens.
Robinson Cancel, C
I've joked about him this spring, but given the lingering injury problems of Ramon Castro and Brian Schneider, Cancel might actually have a shot of heading north as a backup if one of those guys isn't ready to roll in a couple of weeks.
Raul Casanova, C
Casanova has been playing a lot, and he could very well make the team for the same reasons as Cancel.
Brady Clark, OF
Moises Alou's injury opens up an outfield bench spot, assuming the Mets don't acquire someone more established in the interim. Clark might have been a decent option were Angel Pagan not having such a good spring.
Nelson Figueroa, RHP
He's still hanging around. He has had one really bad outing this spring and has otherwise been untouchable.
Ruben Gotay, IF
Still hurt, but well enough to make a short appearance last night, striking out in his only plate-app.
Anderson Hernandez, IF
Dude can't hit; it's that simple. He might hang around for a couple of weeks if Gotay isn't healthy enough to back up, but that's about it. Gotay's appearance in last night's game is bad news for IPOR.
Gustavo Molina, C
Same boat as Cancel and Casanova. I don't think he's related to the other catching Molinas, but I could be wrong. Any healthy catcher has a shot to make the team at this point, so I can't count Molina out of it just yet.
Angel Pagan, OF
Could split time with Endy Chavez in left field until Moises Alou returns. Endy doesn't hit much in general, but Pagan might be an option against lefties during April.
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Pelfrey's arrow is getting motion sickness. El Duque's simulated game the other day drew mostly yawns, so despite an up-and-down spring Pelfrey might be the fifth starter after all.
Ricardo Rincon, LHP
Seven strikeouts, no walks in 5.1 innings of work, but he just isn't seeing enough action to make me believe the Mets are enamored.
Olmedo Saenz, 1B
If Delgado is really healthy then Saenz has no shot of making the team.
Joe Smith, RHP
Probably losing the numbers game at this point.
Brian Stokes, RHP
A couple of scoreless innings so far.
Fernando Tatis, IF
Resolved his via issues. Hooray for all!
Jose Valentin, IF
He's hurt, he might retire, he won't accept an assignment to the minors, yada yada yada. I like Stache; he was a revelation during the regular season in 2006, but he's not doing anyone any favors by sticking around right now. If he can get healthy and the Mets lose some more guys to injury, maybe he'll be useful.
Jason Vargas, LHP
Needs surgery.
Matt Wise, RHP
Still lookin' good. He has a major league contract, so if he doesn't putz around over the next two weeks he's probably a lock to make the team.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.